Summerhouse Drinks Launches Innovative Online Delivery Solution

10th December 2020

Summerhouse Drinks has successfully developed an innovative, fully recyclable, packaging solution designed to safely transport small glass bottles by courier delivery. Funded by an Innovate UK Covid-19 Business Interruption grant awarded earlier this year, the company will launch the packaging this week, using it to deliver its craft Walter Gregor’s Scottish tonic water via a new e-commerce website.

Rather than using non-recyclable bubble wrap or plastic, the glass tonic bottles are held in suspension by a unique cardboard frame. As well as being more sustainable, the frame is a quicker and more efficient shipping method that streamlines the whole packaging process.

The innovative cardboard frame can be adapted for other glass bottle or jar products such as jam or beer, providing a revolutionary product for the food and drink industry.

With a 60% loss of sales due to the closure of hospitality premises during lockdown, Claire Rennie, founder of Summerhouse Drinks, was keen to move sales online. However, she was acutely aware of both the additional labour costs and the environmental cost of wrapping individual small bottles in protective plastics.

“There is enough bubble wrap in the world,” said Claire, “and I did not want to add to that in a rush to get online.”

After developing the concept, Claire took a rough prototype to her packaging supplier, Pitreavie Packaging, who transformed the concept into a simple to assemble, easy to pack finished product.  Extensive trials have been completed with positive results and the product launches on Wednesday alongside the company’s new e-commerce site for their Walter Gregor’s tonic waters.

“We have an all-natural production ethos using fresh and local ingredients, including Scottish raspberries and British beet sugar. Everything we sell is made in our factory on our farm in Aberdeenshire, to our own recipes. The ability to more effectively and efficiently deliver our products online will allow us to partner with more fresh produce growers and utilise out of spec or seasonal gluts of fruit, vegetables and herbs to develop limited edition and seasonal flavours for our customers.”

For more information contact Claire Rennie

Tel: 01346 571111 / 07779109694

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